Class 7 “D” meets with Skipper Rich Wilson

As we have already mentioned on Friday 13 July we had a webcast with Skipper Rich Wilson of Marblehead, Massachusetts. We were also joined by Lorraine Leo ( the moderator ) in Boston, Carolina, an English  teacher in Bogotá, Colombia , John Cummings, a researcher in the University of Tennessee and Tanja, a teacher from Riga, Latvia. The webcast was scheduled for 4 PM , Buenos Aires time. I set up two of the computers with microphones and logged into the Discovere Virtual Classroom so that the students could participate with text, voice chat and a shared whiteboard.  Mrs. Amarilla, our foreign language supervisor joined us for this webcast.Former Boston school teacher, Rich Wilson spoke about his trips that he has taken on his trimarans, The Great American I and II. During his voyages he connects with thousands of schoolchildren across the world through his web site: and newspapers. He also spoke about his upcoming voyage, The Vendee Globe. Rich said that he will travel in the Vendee Globe, a race around the world alone, nonstop!! As Rich spoke, I translated so that everybody could understand him, though both Mrs Amarilla and I realized that students were able to grasp the meaning of many of the things that Rich was speaking about. After his presentation, the kids asked some very interesting questions which I will transcribe below. Rich complimented the children on their English pronunciation.  The kids were also congratulated by the audience abroad for their participation and excellent questions. Special thanks to Mrs. Amarilla, the supervisor, for all of her assistance and for the fine job that Class 7 "D"did in representing the children  of Primera Junta School in Buenos Aires across the global community.  Also thanks to Skipper Rich Wilson for sharing his exciting and inspiring voyages with us and to Geoff Kaye for providing the Discovere virtual classroom for our meeting.This is the link to the recorded webcast, I hope you enjoy it!!!  A very proud teacher,

Mrs. Gabriela Rosso

These are some of the comments the students wrote after the webcast: 

1) Rich is going to travel round the world starting from France in the Great American III.2) He takes large bags of food: apples, eggs, granola, ham ,peas.3) A machine turns salted water into fresh water.4) He saw many animals at sea: albatross. A baby sea turtle, dolphins and flying fish.5) He connects with his family and students via satellite-phone.7) He also takes a weather map and medication because he is asthmatic. 

                                Student Gabriel Marc.

  1) Rich works with boats.2) He travels alone and carries food for 125 days.3)  His mom cooks for him.4) His boat is very big.5) He is 58 years old. 

                                    Student Nicolás Arang.

 1) His boat is High Tech.2) He’s got food made by his mother.                                       

                                 Student Juan Francisco G.

 1) He meets very different countries and cultures all over the world.2) He is a very brave man that risks his life to  sail all over the globe.3) He is very appreciated by other skippers.4) He doesn’t matter about his age and keeps sailing.5) He is very organized in all his trips.6) He sees many different kinds of sea animals in his voyages. 

                                Student Juan Manuel M.M.


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